Ontario has outpaced all G7 countries in real GDP growth. Not surprisingly then, corporate profits have risen significantly, a 19.6% increase in 2015 and another 16.8% in 2016, and they continue to rise.

This increase in tax revenue, along with the partial privatization of Hydro One and other factors, has helped balance the budget for 2017 and paid for programs that bring real change, like covering the cost of prescription drugs for youth and seniors (OHIP+), free post-secondary tuition and increased OSAP grants for those who need it, a tax cut for small businesses and hiring incentives ($124 million) for young people.

The strong economy has not surprisingly led to the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, which is why now was the time to boost the minimum wage.

Kingston has benefited tremendously, thanks to Sophie relentlessly advocating for investments such as $24 million for the Feihe baby formula facility which is expected to create 227 local jobs, $500 million for KGH, $60 million for the third crossing, and $61 million for extra ferries.

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