As Liberals, we believe in high-quality, publicly funded health care. The recent budget increases health care spending by $3 billion, the largest increase in recent history. This investment is focused on improving capacity, decreasing wait times and improving access to essential services.

During Sophie’s first term as our MPP, her perseverance, hard work and commitment to health care in our community has contributed to an unprecedented series of new investments: $500 million for KGH redevelopment, the most ambitious construction project in Kingston’s history; $7.6 million for the new Street Health facility; $1.4 million for Kingston Hospice; $2.5 million for extra ‘surge beds’ at Kingston General Hospital (KGH).

And let’s not forget about the new $300 million, state-of-the-art Providence Care Hospital.

Efforts to date to reduce wait times have already resulted in dramatic improvements at KGH, which is now ranked 28th among Ontario hospitals for emergency rooms (previously 53rd) and 24th for inpatient units (previously 61st). The major new investments can only lead to further improvements.

And more real change is coming with an unprecedented $2.1 billion investment in Mental Health over the next four years, and programs like OHIP+ (free prescription drugs for youth and seniors) and the new Ontario Drug and Dental Program for those without workplace benefits or not covered by OHIP+ or other government programs.

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